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How to prevent bruising after fillers or other aesthetics treatments?

Sometimes this one is hard because life gets busy and we forget about our upcoming appointment or maybe you were able to get in last minute due to a cancellation. Probably not a good idea to get fillers the day before a vacation.

  • Step 1.  Stop taking any anti-inflammatory medications one week prior to your filler appointment.  This includes NSAIDs (Ibuprofen, Motril, & Advil) and Aspirin.  These interfere with the activity of your platelets and can cause prolonged bleeding or bruising.
  • Step 2:  Do not drink any alcohol (yes even you my wine lovers) one week prior to your appointment.  Alcohol causes your blood vessels to expand, and if they break more blood will leak out and cause bruising.
  • Step 3:  Purchase Arnicare Gel and apply it to the area at night once per day for a week prior to your appointment.  You can also purchase Arnica Pellets from any natural grocer like Whole Foods.  Made from Arnica Montana, these products work naturally with your body to reduce swelling and discoloration from bruising.

All of these methods will help you to prevent getting a bruise after injectable fillers.  But let’s say you didn’t do these things, and you just came home from your appointment.  Your face hurts, you’re starting to see that bluish mark form, and just have the feeling you could be in for a bad bruise.

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