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The Livra MD is the evolution of microneedling. It is a breakthrough scientific skincare system, and Livra MD doesn’t use the typical microneedling pens.

Livra MD is intended to improve the appearance of aging skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and even out skin tone, acne and acne scarring. Livra MD enhances the health of your skin by stimulating rejuvenation.

Livra MD creates invisible micro-perforations in your skin to stimulate cells called keratinocytes. These keratinocytes activate the production of collagen by stimulation rather than by damage.

Chemical peels, IPL & Laser treatments are lovely when used in aesthetic skin care. They produce improvement by injuring the skin to cause a healing response. Livra MD is unique. It stimulates improvement by releasing epidermal growth factors while doing no damage to the skin. The treatment has proven to produce a clinically significant increase in the production of collagen and elastin through the release of growth factors and cytokines.

Microneedling creates small perforations in the skin that stimulate a natural healing response. These perforations cause a healing pattern that produces new collagen and elastin. Production of elastin and collagen results in firmer and healthier skin. Bella Rose uses Livra MD Microneedling to trigger the collagen-producing cells in your body to create new healthy skin.

With Livra MD you will see an immediate improvement in your skin tone, elasticity, texture, fine lines, and wrinkles. As you complete a series of treatments as recommended by skin care professionals, you’ll see long term improvement.

Livra MD can dramatically improve your skin’s smoothness, hydration, sensitivity, firmness, and tone. You will see visible improvements in aging skin, acne and another scarring. Uneven or hyperpigmented skin will be improved — experience the overall tone and texture with Livra MD treatments. We at Bella Rose are expert in showing you how to make your skin look vibrant again.

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