IPL/Laser Hair Removal Chester, MD

This innovative laser utilizes APC (Advanced Pulse Control) electronics to deliver energy to the target without overheating the surrounding skin. This laser device offers an array of services from laser hair removal to skin lightening/tightening and treatment of rosacea and acne. It delivers safer and more comfortable treatment than traditional lasers.

IPL is an FDA-approved appliance that uses the latest pulsed light technology to deliver light energy right where you need it. IPL provides safe treatment on a varied range of skin types. Pulses are controlled and the delivery of light energy can be efficiently directed right to the treatment site.

Hair removal is on the list of the most popular non-invasive cosmetic procedures. When you use the revolutionary IPL System, you will find your hair removal or skin lightening and tightening experience is safe, fast, and efficient. Results using traditional optical only systems are limited since they operate by superheating the melanin in the hair shaft and hope there is no collateral thermal damage. The IPL System gives you superior results as it precisely targets and destroys the hair follicle through a process known as Vortex heating.

Using IPL Laser hair removal, there are minimal if any side effects, and you will experience convenience and satisfaction.

Avoid direct sunlight and apply sunscreen to the lasered area for a few days following treatment. If you tend to hyperpigmented, avoid the sun and use strong sun protection. Be aware that some shedding or extrusion of treated hair will occur about 2-4 weeks following treatment.

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